About Us

Shubhodaya Vidyalaya set amidst the name in a rural atmosphere provides a favourable environment for the development of noble traditions, fine qualities and a well integrated personality. The school situated about 13 kms away from the city in a beautiful landscape of 3 acres in Shivanagar, near Pilikula Nisarga Dhama.

The School offers a motivating and inspiring environment and opportunities for every child’s comprehensive development of mind body and spirit. The school also provides.

  • Positive reinforcement of capabilities inherent in every child.
  • Frequent and effective interactions between home and school.
  • A conducive environment for the all round development of the child.
  • Emphasis on spiritual and moral education over material education.

“SHUBHODAYA” as the name denotes the dawn of goodness into the lives of hundreds of children who step into this Abode of learning. This school established in the year 2000 and is jointly managed by RCPHD Trust ® and Tulunadu Education Trust ® belongs to the Sharada Group of Institutions.

Our Mission

  • To provide homely atmospheres where every child can think, innovate, explore and enjoy learning with values in an evergreen environment for their safe and secure future.
  • To provide quality education to all sections of society and serve the poor and the physically handicapped children or their parents by reducing their financial burden.
  • Within a safe and secure environment we seek to equip our pupils for the world of today and tomorrow.
  • To foster self-esteem and respect for others.
  • To widen horizons and to give them means to reach those horizons and beyond.

School Aims

Social Ethos, self-esteem and personal developments.

  • To build self esteem of the individual by praising and valuing achievements.
  • To value creativity and talent both within and beyond the school.
  • To encourage individuals to be independent, imaginative and resourceful.
  • To value initiative and a sense that all have the potential to contribute.
  • To foster a sense of justice, self discipline and personal responsibility.
  • To equip individuals with the social and self – expressive skills for life in a society that needs co-operative social and economic skills.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • To equip children with the academic and social skills they need in everyday life.
  • To foster enquiring minds that want to know more.
  • To provide a board, balanced, relevant education that has diversity of content and learning methods through – Five Faceted Education.
  • Annamaya      : Teaching of skilled arts.
  • Pranamaya     : Personality enhancement by way of Yoga and meditation.
  • Manomaya     : Physical fitness through games, sports, aerobics, karate etc.
  • Vignanamaya : An extensive and comprehensive analysis of the curriculum through empherical studies, complementing classroom tutelage.
  • Anandamaya  : Extra-mural activities like camps, trekking, educational tour, athletic events etc.

The school recognizes that the promotion of a positive self-image is the key to raising both academic and social standards.

Vidyalaya Motto:

A man gains humility by learning. By humility he becomes worthy.
Worthiness gives him riches and he becomes happy.

From Principals desk

A country becomes nation when its people are alert, vigilant and actively patriotic. Our children are the future of our nation. We want them to excel as students, make a success of their careers, be responsible citizens and above all be good

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